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The U2 frontman can't make for the easiest husband, given his penchant for narcissistic vanity projects and his unwillingness to remove his sunglasses before going to bed. She emphasised this normality by marrying childhood sweetheart, builder Andy Hill, earlier this year.

However, he's been with wife Ali Hewson since they grew up together in Ireland, when he was simply known as Paul. Mr Dog is not known for his positive attitudes towards the opposite sex, but despite this, he remains married to high-school girlfriend Shante Taylor.

I knew Yanks lacked a sense of humour but this guy is something else.

An impostor poses as the perfect suitor, lures a victim into a romance, then proceeds to loot his or her finances.

While he previously dated Rita Ora, he is now dating sweetheart songstress Taylor Swift.

This shy Scottish lad has found himself plastered all over the tabloids due to his celebrity romances.

And now, with the twist of modern technology, con artists are finding victims through online dating sites and apps.

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You think you're going to get married and never break up, then one of you goes to university. You meet up once or twice but the spark isn't there anymore, she's been seeing this lad who works as a kitchen porter and drive a ridiculous scooter because he thinks he's small-town Ireland's James Dean.The pair recently beat Beyonce and Jay Z to become Forbes' Highest Paid Celebrity Couple.He’s had enough of the laughs – American working in Luton, England is suing his work mates for “excessive banter” 47-year old American born Thomas Nudge has lived in Luton, England for 4 years, having moved from New York to live with his online dating sweet heart, and works at a local supplies company.Counseling is the activity of the counselor, a professional who counsels people (gives them assistance, advice and guidance), especially on personal problems and difficulties.In order to become a licensed mental health counselor in the United States, one must hold at least a master's degree.

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